Delicious handmade small bites to contemplate your choices.

Onion Bhaji Fritters £3 V

Grated onion and gram flour fritters served with fresh mint sauce.

Lamb Samosas £4

Indian filo pastry filled with spiced lamb mince served with fresh mint sauce.

Vegetable Samosas £3 V

Indian filo pastry filled with spiced mixed fresh vegetables served with fresh mint sauce.

Papadum 60p p/pap V Wafer thin crispy delights. Plain or Masala (spicy).

Pickle & Chutney Tray £2 V

Our own house pickle & chutney selection.


Well known dishes that are great to begin, as an accompaniment to your main, or even choose several as a tapas style main event.

Panipuri £4

Famous street snack from all around India. Hollow puri balls stuffed with fresh onion salad served with tamarind sauce.

(look for variations on our specials board)

Chicken Pakora £4

Chicken nuggets from the Far East. Delicately spiced in a light batter.

Bengal Duck Malai £6

Marinated Gressingham duck breast roasted in the clay oven with a unique mango sauce.

Chot Poti £4

Chefs favourite street food from Mumbai.

A spicy dry dish of chickpeas, hardboiled egg, onions, pepper, garlic and coriander.

Sharing Plate £10

A plate of treats for two to share. Lamb cutlets, ponir tikka, onion bhajis & chicken tikka


These mince kebabs are all made in-house, baked or fried and served with fresh mint sauce. True Indian street food. Delicious, spicy and tender.

Resmi Kebab £4

Minced lamb patties with our chefs secret spice blend gently pan fried.

Lamb Sheekh Kebab £4

Bold, spicy and tender rolled lamb kofte, traditional and delicious.

Malai Kofte £4 V

Tender seasonal vegetable balls in breadcrumbs gently pan fried in tamarind sauce.

Mixed Kebab £7

Sheekh, Chicken Tikka & Onion Bhaji.


This one pot dish of aromatic spices and basmati rice lightly fried in very little oil with meat or vegetables is a very traditional dish, prepared for the Moghuls of India during courtly banquets for centuries.

Chicken Biryani £9

Lamb Biryani £10

Vegetable Biryani £8 V

To accompany this superb rice dish, choose one of the following fresh curry sauces.


Madras (HOT)

Korma (MILD)

Curry (MILD)


Available Sunday – Thursday

A traditional Indian meal. Healthy and balanced these small portions of curry, rice, bread and several side dishes offer a complete varied meal all served on one platter.

Vegetable Thali £15

Vegetable Masala

Mushroom Bhaji

Vegetable Dansak

Bengal Bhaji

Bombay Aloo

Saffron Rice



Meat Thali £17

Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken Chana

Lamb Rogan Josh

Mushroom Bhaji

Bombay Aloo

Pilau Rice

Fresh Baked Naan



Created in England, a Balti is the pot this curry is cooked in, keeping all the flavour within.

Green peppers and onions cooked in a blend of roasted whole spices creating a delicious thick Balti sauce presented to you in its cast iron cooking pot.

Chicken Tikka Balti £9 MED

Marinated fresh local chicken cooked in our clay oven.

Lamb Balti £10 MED

Succulent fresh slow cooked lamb.

Vegetable Balti £8 MED V

Selection of steamed seasonal vegetables.

Shashlik Balti £9 MED

Fresh local marinated chicken with Shashlik herbs and spices.

Duck Tikka Balti £12 MED

Marinated duck breast cooked in our clay oven.

Goat Balti £12 MED

Tender diced slow cooked goat meat.

Tandoori Clay Oven Specialities

Our beautiful clay oven is at the heart of our menu. Finest cuts of fresh local meats, slow marinated in delicious blends of spices, yoghurt, oils and tandoori pastes and cooked over the coals within the clay. The secret is the fresh ingredients combined with each chefs own blends of spices to create such succulent dishes. These recipes are guarded secrets, passed down through family, cooked with instinct. This truly traditional regional street fare is served on sizzling skillets with fresh salad and our own sauces.


Bengal Tikka Tandoori MILD

Tender Tikka marinated meat off the bone.

Chicken £4/£8 Duck £6/£11

Shashlik Tandoori MED

A very healthy sizzler of tikka marinated meat with fresh herbs, onions, peppers, tomatoes and shashik spices.

Chicken £9 Duck £12

Carcha Tandoori HOT

A Shashlik dish with added fresh chillis.

Chicken £9 Duck £12

Indian Roast Lamb £13

Inspired by the famous grills from Lahore, a trimmed crown of 5 lamb cutlets dry rubbed with Indian spices, roasted in the clay oven. Charred on the outside, succulent pink in the middle.

Tandoori Mixed Grill £14

Low on carbs, low fat healthy grilled meats, and tasty too. Lamb cutlets, duck and chicken tikka plus lamb sheekh kebab.

Special Tandoori Curries

All fresh marinated meats cooked in our clay oven before being added to your chosen sauce.

Bengal Tikka Masala MILD

Famous & popular, Tikka Masala has many variations. Chefs secret spice blend with coconut & saffron finishing this thick creamy sauce.

Beware of bright red imitations.

Chicken £9 Lamb £10 Duck £12

Bengal Tikka Passanda MED

Coconut, almond, sultanas and spices with pureed tomatoes, cream & a dash of red wine.

Chicken £9 Lamb£10 Duck £12

Bengal Tikka Jalfrazi HOT

Southern Indian dish with peppers and onions in a thick spicy sauce.

Chicken £9 Lamb £10 Duck £12

Garlic Chicken Tikka £8 MED

An abundance of fresh garlic with chefs own blend of mustard and tomato paste plus selected spices.

Regional & Fusion Signature Dishes

Our chef’s versions of regional dishes & British Indian creations selected because of the depth of flavour, aroma, richness and complexity.

Bengal Kurma £9 MILD

A truly traditional Bengali dish. Think Korma but with added mango pulp and date molasses.

A mild luxurious dish. Its how its served in Dhabas all over the region.

Chilli Fusion £11 HOT

Tender diced lamb cooked with chef’s blend of garlic, tomato, coriander, spices & the famous naga viper chilli pepper to create a fiery rich thick sauce.

Drunken Duck £12 MED

Another of chef’s fusion creations. Fresh Gressingham duck breast cooked in red wine a medium spice mix with a dash of cream at the end, creating a delicious Indian duck sauce.

Ghar Ka Ghoust £13 MED

Lamb shank slow cooked in a deeply spiced thick lamb sauce. Rich with slight aniseed tones.

Ghosh Kabalia £9 MILD

Bangladeshi dish of finely chopped tandoori lamb tikka with spinach and spices. Deep rich layered flavours, a firm house favourite.

Goan Chilli Chicken £9 HOT

Chunky chicken, peppers and onion cooked with dried red chillis and a touch of yogurt.

Goat Ka Bhuna £12 MED

Dhaba style tender diced goat meat in a medium spiced bhuna sauce.

Rajasthani Murg £9 MED

Straight from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our version takes the traditional spice blend of mustard seeds, fresh garlic and masala and adds fresh marinated chicken breast, pan grilled with chunky peppers.

Shaxuti Chicken £9 MILD-HOT

Northern dish pronounced Sha-kot-hi. A mild spice blend but hot chilli taste.

The Spice Rack

The ‘curries’ we all know and love. All these dishes are prepared to order using fresh ingredients with our Chefs unique flair.



Mild, sweet, creamy thick sauce cooked with coconut and fresh cream.



Southern dish of onions, tomato, garlic & coriander cooked with a light selection of spices.


The Bhuna above with chick peas.


Eastern dish of green peppers, lots of onion, tomato & coriander with a light selection of spices.

Rogon Josh

Famous Kashmiri dish of tomato, onions, garlic and aromatic spices.



Chilli’s, lemon & coconut are added with selected spices to make this delicious sweet/hot dish.


Kashmiri masala, tomato puree & aromatic spices.


House Favourite. Deeply layered flavours of sweet, hot & sour cooked with a thick lentil sauce is a classic Persian dish.


Fresh chillies, lemon and a unique spice blend gives this rich sauce its hot and sour flavour.



This is a very hot curry cooked with chillis, spices and potatoes.




Seafood at The Bengal Fox

We love seafood, but believe it should be fresh.

Check out the specials boards for what is available on the night.

King Prawns can be added to any Spice Rack curry when available, just add £3 surcharge & inform your server.


Fragrant Pilau Steamed Basmati


Mushroom Rice

Egg Rice

Coconut Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice


Vegetable Sides


Drier dishes pan cooked fresh to order with garlic, onions and a light spice.

Great as a side or a vegetarian main course.

Mushroom Bhaji

Vegetable Bhaji

Bengal Bahji (Aubergine)

Bhinidi Bhaji (Okra)


Bombay Aloo – Lightly spiced potatos



Sag is spinach, simple.

Delicious accompaniment to any meal.

Sag Aloo

Spinach & Potatoes

Sag Ponir

Spinach & Cheese

Sag Chana

Spinach & Chick Peas


Dall Samba

Spicy lentils

Dall Tarka



Fresh mint, cucumber and yogurt

Chunky Chips


Handmade Breads

Baked in the clay oven

Fresh Baked Naan £2.50

Keema – Spiced Lamb

Peshwari – Coconut

Cheese – Indian ponir

Garlic – Fresh garlic butter

Honey & Ginger


Paratha £3

Bread made with brown wheat and shallow fried

Stuffed Paratha £3.50

Stuffed with vegetables

Chapati £2

Soft thin Indian baked bread

Puree £2.50

Thin fried bread

English Dishes

For those that do not wish to travel into the East.

Steak and chips

10oz 28 day aged Sirloin steak, pan fried, with mushrooms, tomato, onions and chips.


Wholetail scampi, chips and salad.

Breaded wholetail scampi, chips and seasonal salad with tartar sauce.